I am based in New York/Göteborg since 2021. Read more about me. Recent work below – to see older work (2010-2020), go here. During 2021-2022 I was the US Correspondent for the Swedish newspaper Expressen, now I am the US Correspondent for Göteborgs-Posten and also a freelance journalist working for a number of Sweden's largest media outlets (newspapers, magazines and TV).

Recurrent guest reporter in the TV-show "Efter fem" at TV4. 

Since I have studied psychology, I often write for Psykologtidningen, which is published by Swedish Psychological Association. Here a story about neurofeedback (and yes it's me on the cover – I had to try it myself).

I interviewed Susan Moore the last 10 months of her life - she had decided to die with death with dignity. But the decision to take the last pill was harder than she expected.

I wrote a cover story about the culture war in the US and the impact on schools.

Abortion has been a main topic in the US the past year. 2021 I traveled to Arkansas to meet with women with different opinions and experiences, and a pastor with a rubber fetus.

I spent a day in a convent in Philadelphia – with millennial nuns.  Is there a religious spring among this new generation?

I was the US Correspondent for Omni in the summer of 2023 and reported on both big and small issues.

Is there such a thing as a leader of todays climate acitivists? Margaret Klein Salamon in Brooklyn is probably as close as can be.

Boca Chica in Texas was an idyllic village, then Elon Musk decided to make it a base for his space project. 

I write episodes for the true crime-podcast "Svenska Mordhistorier". 

How much of an activist can an American lawyer be? For the magazine Advokaten (from The Swedish Bar Association).

They George Floyd-movement has made a big impact. I was in Minneapolis when the verdict came, and met with Floyds family. 

The American psychologist Geoffrey Reed works for WHO and has great power over ICD-11 and new psychiatric diagnoses, such as prolonged grief.

Seen in Expressen TV, as Expressens US Correspondent 2021-2022.

I do in depth-interviews with interesting people, like the Swedish tattoo artist Oscar Åkermo for the magazine Två dagar.

In South Dakota, people are already living in bunkers. The old military field is the size of Manhattan. Is it really like any home, and who choses to move in?

Urban gardening in New York City? Yes, it's a thing!

A small town outside of Fresno in California is ranked the worst place to live in United States. But is it really that bad? I wanted to find out.

I traveled to Death Valley, where the temperatures rises to record highs. How will the future stand the heat?

Native Americans are rarely heard in politics. In Wolf Point, Montana, people think it's about time voter supression stops.

I do travel journalism as well, and most recently I wrote about the 10 best restaurants in New York. 

Cannabis is now also about fashion – and a new kind of business where women takes the lead.

More than once a day, a child in United States kills someone with a firearm - unintentionally. I met with a mother who lost her son when his best friend accidentally shot him.

Is Threads a serious threat to X? I tried out the new app.

I often do in depth reporting on big news stories. This time about the terror trial in New York.

In a world full of bad news I always try to find something positive. For this article about how to fight recidivism, I traveled to Wyoming and met with prisoners that love their work.